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Weject is a call handling application available for Android smartphones and tablets.
In most smartphones rejecting a call with SMS comes built in.
But SMSes? Who even uses them any more?(Yeah seriously?)
Most of the android users have switched to the popular messaging application WhatsApp.
Don't you have to keep your dear ones informed in case you are unable to take their calls say in a meeting or while you are on a roaming network but have access to the internet?
Saving you the time of opening the particular WhatsApp chat of the contact, Weject does it for you immediately making it a smooth call handling application.

How does it work?
As soon as you reject a phone call coming from a WhatsApp contact or a phonecall coming from a WhatsApp contact is missed, it immediately opens a dialog box prompting the user to open the WhatsApp chat with the caller and send a message of his choice or ignore the dialog box(Well sometimes you just don't WhatsApp).
Also, a FastCut feature can be used to immediately open the chat bypassing the dialog box.



-Easy ON/OFF mode: One switch does it all. Use the Weject feature on/off switch to turn on or turn off the phone call rejecting and opening WhatsApp.(Well sometimes you just don't)
-FastCut mode: To bypass the dialog box and directly open the WhatsApp chat. For them swaggy users who aint got time for no dialog box.
-Clean UI: The app consists of only one screen and you dont need to use it often. Turn the service on/off and forget it!
-No irritating icons on the drawer: You wont even know its running!
-Not a service: Wont drain your battery.



Pre-installed WhatsApp messenger.(Duh.)
Permissions to:
Read phone state(For detecting rejected/missed calls)
Read contacts(To know if a contact is actually a WhatsApp contact)
Use internet of your phone(For sending a message on WhatsApp)
*By default the first installation of the app results in enabling the Weject feature automatically. Be sure to turn it off in case you don't need it immediately(But you do. I know.).
I know the UI has nothing special. Main aim was to keep this app backend and the smallest possible. Ill be working on a size friendly graphic rich UI for my next update.
I didn't try out the app on various custom roms in android like MIUI and ZenUI. It might not work properly on them.
Please let me know if it happens at
[email protected]
My goal is to make android apps that are least irritating and actually useful. Weject being the first one. Im working on more projects. Stay tuned!
Im always excited to hear from you. If you have any feedback,questions,concerns, please mail me at
[email protected]
If you encounter bugs(Im truly sorry), PLEASE let me know at
[email protected]

Happy call rejecting!

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