Weject- Manage incoming calls APK

Weject- Manage incoming calls
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This app is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp™.

Weject is a call handling application available for Android smartphones and tablets.
In most smartphones rejecting a phone call with SMS comes built in.
But SMS is not used anymore for communicating with each other.

This app opens the callers's WhatsApp™ chat for you as soon as you decline his/her incoming call (provided they are a valid contact in your phone).
Then it lets you paste text that you can set in the app.(CopyText)
And also you get points for using the different modes!(Prizes coming soooooon!)

There are 3 modes to use the application:

-- The ORIGINAL Dialog Box mode:
Decline incoming call--> Dialog box appears--> Choose yes--> Chat opens(5 points!)--> Paste pre defined CopyText--> SEND!!

-- The SMOOTH Fastcut mode:
Decline incoming call--> Chat opens(10 points!)--> Paste pre defined CopyText--> SEND!!

-- The AMAZING Swipecut mode:
Decline incoming call--> Tray containing WhatsApp™ icon and Weject icon appear(TOP RIGHT AND TOP LEFT)--> Swipe Weject icon to tray--> Chat opens(15 points!)--> Paste pre defined CopyText--> SEND!!

Choose a mode as per your convenience!

Login to Facebook™ using the FB Login-Submit score tab from the side drawer and submit points to the leaderboard! Track yourself if you made it to the top 5 Weject users!!!!!!


Imagine people sending messages automatically to other people. Wont be nice, isn't it?
So it opens the chat for you to let you paste your message and hit send.

Super handy while driving, in a meeting, classrooms etc. Drop me an email about your best usage of the app!



-- Pre-installed WhatsApp™ messenger.
-- The caller should be a valid contact.


-- Read phone state(For detecting rejected/missed calls)
-- Read contacts(To know if a contact is actually a WhatsApp contact)
-- Use internet of your phone(For Facebook™ login and leaderboards. )
-- Draw over other apps(For its awesome Swipecut feature. Just like a Facebook™ messenger chathead.

Rejecting calls made simpler, better and smarter.
Happy call Wejecting guys!!!

Drop me an email for bugs and look out for my other apps!

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