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Solitaire by Zynga is the #1 Solitaire card game app. Solitaire is a popular and classic single player card game also known as Klondike Solitaire and Patience. This solitaire app has Klondike Solitaire 1 card and Klondike Solitaire 3 card draw.

Solitaire by Zynga features:

♣ Single tap or drag and drop to move a card
♣ Solitaire 1 card draw
♣ Solitaire 3 cards draw
♣ Game leaderboards and achievements
♣ Right and left hand deal layouts
♣ Sound that can be turned on/off
♣ Unlimited free solitaire games
♣ Undo feature
♣ Personal stats
♣ Auto win solitaire hand
♣ Big and easy to see cards
♣ And so much more!

See what some of our many users have to say about this popular Solitaire game:

♣ Very nice app, simple to play. Lots of fun for many hours. Addictive, if you like solitaire
♣ Captivating game. Lots of fun. Really enjoy the game
♣ Easy to play and a lot of fun. Recommended for everyone
♣ Great fun and addictive
♣ Terrific game - so enjoyable and easy to play
♣ Once you start playing it is hard to stop
♣ Best game and for free! Play all the time
♣ Fun can't stop playing!!
♣ Best game out there!

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So if you enjoy playing card games download this free classic solitaire card game app now and see for yourself why so many others love it.

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Solitaire APK reviews

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Rebecca Richendollar review Rebecca Richendollar
Solitare Cards..
Joel Sterling review Joel Sterling
Classic solitaire
Great little free game....would be better w no adds of course!
Barry Gardiner review Barry Gardiner
Become an ad fest
I didn't mind the ads when I started a new game but sticking them everywhere is a big nope for me
Monica Barba review Monica Barba
I love this game but sometimes it gets hard to do it so I just keep trying
Rachel Fakelastname review Rachel Fakelastname
This game ROCKS!!!!
I'm in love with the cool dino pop ups!!!!!
Terri Eldridge review Terri Eldridge
I really like this app, but would love it even more if we could upgrade to a paid ad free version.
Ron Gustafson review Ron Gustafson
So far so good
It's a soliatare game so I don't get how these other people are rating it so low... Ya know you have to be smarter than the app/computer, etc... It's not a new theory!!!
drea sky review drea sky
Way too many ads an no way to change the back screen an card colors please fix other than that relaxing game
tyler gains review tyler gains
I like it fun game wish there was no adds but o well maybe even intercept a different background maybe just a suggestion use a slideshow of ur personal pics
Lora Cobb review Lora Cobb
Better than other sol games
Fun and relaxing break from stress.
Jared Cruz review Jared Cruz
The rng is so bad for this game causing you to lose most games because of terrible "shuffles" the saying with this game should be you can't win most of them and it has an ad every time you start a new game so you're going to end up seeing at least 20 ads (there's an in game banner ad as well)before you actually can win 1 game on average (I'm being extremely generous by saying you can possibly win 1 out of every 10)
R.Gee. THanX review R.Gee. THanX
Loads of Fun
When in the Waiting Room, and they call my name, I say; just a minute and reluctantly close it up
Sarah Kelly review Sarah Kelly
I like it a good app. My freind recommended it and now I can't stop. ☺☺☺☺☺
Thomas Redrup Jr. review Thomas Redrup Jr.
I just got back to the next Stage in My life!
I'm Very happy For The Greatest Game of all 2 Keep your mind sharp and think about what is your Next move & so, on& on, exctart! :-) Thank you for Everything? Have a great day & weekend? Happy Holidays to All of US?
Ian Taylor review Ian Taylor
Solitare game. The cards can be diffcult to move sometimes and the odds are a bit out of balance. Overall not a bad game and design.

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