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SmartScan- OCR Text Scanner
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SmartScan is an OCR text scanner that scans text from images. It lets you extract data using its unique and intelligent modes. You can copy/share the final data via other apps.


-- Converting image to text.
-- Data extraction from a text source. Just paste the text in one of the 2 starting modes.
-- Edit the text extracted from image unlike other similar apps.
-- Extract words/phrases from scanned text using tag pairs surrounding them using 1st mode(See screenshots)
-- Extract words from scanned text by setting individual tags using 2nd mode(See screenshots)
-- Scan text from cropping an image.

Please note:

• For best results take sharp images with good lightning
• Handwriting cannot be read.
• Internet is not required for the app to run. Its for displaying ads to support the developer.
• SmartScan is still in development, dont give a bad rating.

Features coming soon:

• More languages(Currently English is supported)
• Size reduction of APK(Working to optimize the heavy Google Tesseract OCR library).
• Explanatory video.

Please drop an email for bugs and check out my other apps.

SmartScan- OCR Text Scanner APK reviews

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Leslie Ellis review Leslie Ellis
Nope, doesn't recognize handwriting.