ETMoney-Mutual Funds Investments & Expense Manager APK

ETMoney-Mutual Funds Investments & Expense Manager
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Download ETMoney App to manage expenses(only in India), invest in best mutual funds & buy insurance without any paperwork. It's expense manager (available in India only) automatically aggregates all spends in one place & smartly categorizes them too. This mutual funds app lets you start SIP for your MF investments At ZERO COST & ZERO PAPERWORK in just 2 minutes.
App Features:
•Top AMCs to buy mutual funds from - Reliance Mutual Fund, Motilal Oswal, SBI Mutual
Fund etc
•Track your MF investments at one place with real time updates
• Invest in Smart Solutions without the hassles of choosing a mutual fund
•Start SIP or invest lumpsum as per your MF investment needs
•Invest in Liquid Mutual Fund with SmartDeposit & get better returns than an FD with 24*7
withdrawal facility
•Completely automated expense manager
•NRIs(except USA & Canada) can also invest in Top Mutual Funds in India without any
•Invest in the best mutual funds without any cost or paperwork in just 2 minutes
•Invest in best ELSS mutual funds to save tax.
•Buy life insurance, car insurance & 2-wheeler insurance without any paperwork

Grow your money - Invest in Top Performing MF
You can invest in mutual funds with ease both through lumpsum and through SIP. All our transactions are completely paperless & can be done within 2 minutes. We offer 400+ top mutual funds from major AMCs in India like Reliance Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund, Kotak Mutual Fund, Motilal Oswal, Mirrae Asset to name a few. To select from various mutual funds, we have created themes basis which you can choose the fund you want to invest in. You can invest in any type of mutual fund from Large Cap funds to Mid Cap funds, lumpsum or SIP investments etc. Each fund has been rated on various parameters like- past performance, risk, returns etc. We also assist you with SIP calculator which auto calculates the expected returns basis the fund & amount you choose.

Smart Solutions: Invest in customised MF Solutions
The latest addition to our features is the Customised Mutual Fund Solutions for every financial goal from top AMCs like SBI Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual fund, Motilal Oswal, Mirrae Asset,Kotak Mutual Fund etc. You can start investments for different goals right from planning your child’s education to saving tax under 80C. We have curated MF solutions which include top performing funds in their respective categories to suit every need without making the effort to pick each fund individually. Various solutions include:

•Aggressive Solution-Invest in aggressive & top performing mid & small cap funds for
long-term goals like funding your child’s education.
•Balanced Solution-Invest in right mix of large cap & mid cap funds that balances growth &
•Safe Solution-Invest in liquid funds to get steady & stable returns which offer suitable
substitute for bank deposits.
•Tax Saver-Invest in ELSS funds to get tax benefit under 80C & better returns than
traditional investment options.

Smart Deposit: Invest in liquid funds to get better & stable returns. Start investments as low as 1000 & withdraw anytime, anywhere without any lock-ins.

Buy Insurance from Top Insurers
As we aim to be a complete personal finance app, we offer an array of insurance products like Car, 2-wheeler & Life Insurance to protect you & your loved ones from any mishaps. Get insurance from multiple insurers for your vehicle. Buy insurance without any paperwork in just within 2 min. We have chat & call assistance to help answer all insurance related questions!

Auto-magically track your expenses with Expense Manager (Available only in India)
We offer a complete expense manager which frees you from the burden of managing your expenses, an advanced SMS based expense manager that automatically aggregates all spends in one place & the smartly categorizes them too! All of this happens without any manual input & there is no need of any sensitive information such as bank details, passwords etc.

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ETMoney-Mutual Funds Investments & Expense Manager APK reviews

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Rahul Bhatia review Rahul Bhatia
Have just downloaded the app. Let me check it out.
mahesh r review mahesh r
An eye opener for me on my spending s quite shocked how come u know all my transactions details , really tremendous
Sourabh Upadhyay review Sourabh Upadhyay
How would you know my expenses. How you get my info?
Srikhil Sree review Srikhil Sree
Good job team !!
One of the best app I've come across .. Kudos to the team.. Looking forward for few more feature updates
Edward Dsilva review Edward Dsilva
Excellent app !!!
It helps me by tracking my spendings. Notes and diaries ... Good bye..
venkatesh kotte review venkatesh kotte
Nice App
Too flexibility. Now I can see my all credits and debits without entering :)
khushish singla review khushish singla
Love this app
Thus app has really helped in sorting my expenses. Really nice and simple GUI of the app.
shashank shekhar review shashank shekhar
Finally no paper work..good one
Mohit Adwani review Mohit Adwani
Automation is so amazing.
Installed it and as soon as i opened it, it shows that i have withdrawn some money from my bank account. I was like, how did it know that. I didnt even enter any acc details. And then i realized that it took it from my SMSs. But it only those SMSs specific to the account. Great job guys!
Saurabh Majumdar review Saurabh Majumdar
Smart app but unable to add adhoc cash spends
This app tracks everything well. Only drawback is that i cannot add one time cash spends like doctor fees, medicines or one time buys. These are the expenses that we want to track the most otherwise credit card and netbanking are anyway tracked. There should be provision to add adhoc cash spends rather than monthly or daily only.
Aniruuthan C V review Aniruuthan C V
Awesome ?
This is the first app which I have admired myself in the very beginning.. Really very good to analyse where do I spend more... Keep up the smart work, and please do introduce some live apps... Thank you
Vassu Sharma review Vassu Sharma
I spend a lot on entertainment and on food but it is really very difficult for me to calculate the amount spent because I am too weak in maths, but this app helped me a lot in knowing that where is my money going. Love this app
Namit Madan review Namit Madan
No effort to add spends. It just reads from messages . if you could just add the feature to put a limit on categories then it would be great
sachin saraswat review sachin saraswat
Keep the good work, add more cards.
Saurabh Chande review Saurabh Chande
Awesome app...
Keeps d track of expenses.. gives me offers based on cards. &Helps me save extra penny. Who dont want savings.. keep it up. Eager to see more offers n more savings. Good luck app team.