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Smart Home Prestigio
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Prestigio Smart Home is a control application to operate with the whole intelligent home control and monitoring system as well as standalone devices designed by Prestigio. The applications supports remote connection mode (requires Prestigio MultiCenter PAB4411 or more updated Smart Home Ready Android PC) and direct Bluetooth connection mode for Smart Home devices and smartphones/tablets both with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware support.

Key features
• Supports direct Bluetooth connection to Prestigio Smart LED Light bulbs.
• Turn the lights on/off, adjust brightness.
• Change light color (with PRLED7E27 model only).
• Arrange device groups for simultaneous control.
• Scheduled turn on/off and brightness change.
• Demo mode for upcoming functions check.
Supported devices
• Prestigio Smart Weather Station PTH01BT
• Prestigio Smart Color LED Light PRLED7E27
• Prestigio Smart LED Light – Warm White PWLED7E27
• Prestigio Smart LED Light – Cold White PCLED7E27

Smart Home Prestigio APK reviews

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Roman Kas review Roman Kas
poor software design,
any smart led MUST have a satisfying Android app otherwise any price is not low enough: 1) no widget customized switch! 2) does not remember the last settings, always goes to a bluetooth selection at every launch 3) unable to remove pre defined colours 4) unable to set RGB numbers. Better buy LIFX bulb, it's amazing! VERY NON ERGONOMIC/SLOW USAGE!!
Elvis Mahmutovic review Elvis Mahmutovic
Verry poor and non pro aplication
Barbora Špetlíková review Barbora Špetlíková
Try to set repeating light level before current time and whoa - a bug. Plus missing basic functionality like awakening mode!
Angelos Christides review Angelos Christides
Most colors do not works. Fading is horrible. 1/10 coding.
Viorica Super review Viorica Super
Why not working?
When I try to open the app, it stops, I noticed it only happened when I turn on the bulb. Need help!
Marios Charalambous review Marios Charalambous
iOS vs Android
Nice app, but on Apple devices has more functions than android, make it like an apple! Thanks
Borislav Stefanov review Borislav Stefanov
Does not turn on as scheduled
Does turn off at night as scheduled, but in the morning does not turn on. I use warm white bulb with nexus 4.
Adam Bodnar review Adam Bodnar
Does the job, but...
...why on Earth requests this app access to call history, full media, camera, etc?
Jarosław Maślanka review Jarosław Maślanka
It somehow used to work on S4 mini with Android 4.4, but to make it work on S7 with 7.1 you need to place your phone not farther then 10 cm away from the sensor. I'm using the temp and humid sensor PTH01BT. Waste of money.
Tom Tom review Tom Tom
Badly translated, too simplistic guide and worst of all detecting and pairing this bulb is such a pain. I have it paired with my android device (after 1 hour of switching it on and off) but the app ultimately does not detect it. Horrible, buggy mess. Amateur effort. Do yourself a favor and buy a competitor's.
Roman review Roman
Better buy LIFX bulb, it's amazing! You will hate yourself for buying Prestigious smart bulb
Gregor Eesmaa review Gregor Eesmaa
I'm using direct bluetooth connection with your RGB LED bulb. I can set colors and intensities, but here are the things that I've noticed: 1) Actions don't seem to work reliably, probably because the bluetooth signal doesn't get sent as UI seems to think the bulb is lit. 2)In the devices menu it shows loading indicator while connecting, so I can't open the bulb settings and queue up the changes. 3)Hard to hit 100% intensity with your finger. 4)I would like the color to be changed while dragging the sliders.
Stefan Adrian review Stefan Adrian
I bought new bulb, and I could not connect my phone. So at the moment I use it as a normal bulb on/off from wall switch. I am waiting for an answer from prestigio support.
Bazza DownUnder review Bazza DownUnder
Enhance my Style Prestigio? You mean enhance your pockets because you offer no support! Prestigio...We want SUPPORT AND WE WANT IT NOW!!! WE WANT DEVICE UPDATES AND WE WANT IT NOW!
Angelos Christides review Angelos Christides
Most colors do not work. Fading is horrible. 1/10 coding.