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Runtastic Workout Timer App
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Perfect interval training timer - free Runtastic Workout & Interval Timer app. The practical, simple and easy-to-use interval timer app with voice feedback.

The free Runtastic Workout & Interval Timer app is more than a stopwatch, countdown or timer clock. Whether it’s for your HIIT or tabata workouts, circuit training, interval training or at-home bodyweight training workouts, this app is for you. Set as many timers on your smartphone as you desire, save these settings, and use your customized timers again and again. Define your workout intervals (workout, rest periods, sets, reps) and construct unique, personalized workouts! This workout interval timer is so easy to use.


* Customize your timer clock with various activity phases:
- Workout
- Rest period
- Reps
- Sets
* Voice feedback: Constantly looking at your smartphone and clock is a problem of the past
* Create an infinite number of timers, save them, and use these again and again
* Determine sets of workout phases and rest periods, and how often you want to repeat your routine
* Displays both total time and remaining time right on your interval training timer

Use our free timer app for training at the gym, lifting weights, kettle bells, spinning, bodyweight training, tabata or other fitness activities! The Runtastic Workout & Interval Timer app is also a great fit for those engaging in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training, interval training, or boot camp style circuit training! This workout interval timer is completely customizable for you!

The countdown is on! Download the practical Runtastic Workout & Interval Timer app today, and enjoy the unique timing benefits of this timer clock during your fitness activities and in your everyday life! Try this interval training timer, it’s the best of the best!

Gone are the days of staring at the clock on the wall or basic timer on your phone – start training with this workout interval timer today!

Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Check out more of our apps to help you reach your fitness goals at

Runtastic Workout Timer App APK reviews

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Robert Ottesen review Robert Ottesen
Extremely disappointed in this application. Pros -The only thing I like about this app is the notification alert when a segment starts. The voice clearly identifies if you are the a "work" or "rest" segment. Most apps just give an audible alarm. Cons -The app has stopped/quit (app running, but timer stops working) or crashed (app closes) multiple times. Be in the middle of a segment and then realize, man, this set is taking a long time. -There is no way to have multiple length segments. You can only have a set of x length. It would be nice to allow for multiple x,y,z lengths to make up a set. -The repetition and sets features was non-intuitive at first. Repetition comes before Sets on the setup of a timer. You would think it would then be in that order when executing the timer. It is not. You run through a set first and then you repeat, including the preparation segment. - Max number of sets is 20. You can combine with reps, but it repeats the preparation segment as well.
Ajai Pattazhiyil review Ajai Pattazhiyil
Looks cool
Overall good appearance and sound, but we cannot save our workout time. We have to set each details before every workout.
Rebecca Schepp review Rebecca Schepp
Love it!
This is exactly what I've been looking for! Love it. Straight forward and easy to use!
Ann Lorri review Ann Lorri
Volume problem
This app offers everything I need for my interval training but I have to use a different one and delete this because the volume just stays the same even when I try to turn it down. It's just far too loud it actually hurts.
Toàn Phạm review Toàn Phạm
Good App, needs more flexibility
Needs to not have countdown at the end. This version has no option to separate the two. For precise workouts like Tabata, I want to push hard on every last second, not distracted by a count down. I usually use the words ON and OFF to simplify the phases. Anticipating the count down start is OK, but anticipating the end is not. Also, I'd love to have a thicker graphic, that's bolder to see for when audio cannot be used due to noise or being in a chaotic environment. Also can't have differences in subsets.
Patrick Mompoint review Patrick Mompoint
Best HIIT timer I found. With visual and auditive count and equipped with sets and repetition settings. Awesome
Theo Tilton review Theo Tilton
One of the best interval timing apps created in the App Store, love it!
This is by far the best interval app available in the Google App Store. it allows you to create multiple timers four different types of workouts and training sessions. Whether you are doing basic interval training, high intensity interval training, CrossFit workouts, intense cardio intervals, Yoga, timed meditation, or simply time task management. this app will work for all of it! I have only one suggestion. It would be awesome if the user had the ability to change the interval alert to be a different Q instead of just workout, or rest. It would be really awesome if we could choose from a multitude of bells, chimes, alerts, whistles, horns, or even record our own voice to be the alert. other than that I love it so if you want my 5 star rating put in the custom alert sounds and then you will be at the top top of the list. for now you will remain a 4 but you are a good number four.
Sharon Rice review Sharon Rice
Good app, needs timer sound improvement
Love the mechanics of this app. Simple to use and figure out. Only downside is the timer noise isn't loud enough. With music playing I can't tell when I need to speed up my pace or slow down, even with 100% volume. Perhaps have the timer sound override the music?
Magnus Lööv review Magnus Lööv
In-app purchase to make it useable.
For making your own multiple custom workouts (in addition to the included Tabata) you need to make an In-app purchase. This is dishonest and we should boycott this behavior that has become common! A waste of time!
Fani H review Fani H
Very simple and looks great
There are tons of workout apps in the market but this one is great because it performs one thing very well: custom interval timing. You can set the "preparation", workout, and rest times as well as the number of repetitions and sets. Since I'm running, I just kept the repetition to 1 and sets to however many times I want to repeat the HIIT. Most importantly, this app LOOKS GOOD. It's very aesthetically appealing and very easy to understand and navigate.
Cathie Hall review Cathie Hall
Straightforward and effective
Great app, simple to customise, easy to read, screen stays on so you don't have the annoying problem of turning your screen back on all the time. Clear and quick to read
Jessica X review Jessica X
Love this timer
Simple, intuitive, customisable, well priced, aesthetically pleasing-all round great app!
Mike Rennoldson review Mike Rennoldson
I like this app a lot, but...
It turns out that Reps and Sets are the wrong way round -- Reps are always inside Sets, and if I stop the timer manually, there is no way to clear the icon from the notification area. Even turning the phone off and back on again does not clear the icon. Fix these problems and I'll give it five stars, but in the meantime...
Andrei Vahrameev review Andrei Vahrameev
the best one
fantastic timer, simple to use and greate design
kimberly buchanan review kimberly buchanan
Like it
Exactly what I need at this point. I'm sure it does more just haven't needed it yet. Haven't experienced any glithes.