Runtastic Road Bike Cycling GPS Tracker APK

Runtastic Road Bike Cycling GPS Tracker
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Join millions of Runtastic users who have experienced road biking on a whole new level with the free Runtastic Road Bike app. Runtastic Road Bike computer is ideal for all types of cycling activities, be it a casual ride across the park, an interval training on your road bike or a race like Tour de France. Turn your smartphone into your very own cycling computer.

ROAD BIKE APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: (limited in free version)
* Track bike rides with GPS: Distance, duration, speed, elevation gain, pace, calories burned, etc. right in your bicycle riding app. As you can see, it’s more than just a cycling distance tracker
* LIVE Tracking & Cheers: Go LIVE and show your friends where and how fast you’re cycling & let them cheer you on for more motivation
* Route search: Browse & search thousands of bike routes (available in the bicycle app and on
* Voice Coach: Keeps you posted on speed, distance, elevation gain, etc. while you cycle
* Maps (Google Maps): Details on your current location in your bicycle riding app
* Offline Maps: Download & save cycle maps to your smartphone
* Colored Traces (speed, elevation, climb rate, heart rate, etc.)
* Display your current rate of climb during a tour (elevation gain/minute)
* Show current grade in %
* Determine cadence & speed during your velo tours with the Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth Low Energy) which connects to your bicycle riding app.
* Heart rate measurement (with additional hardware)
* Configure your display: You choose which values are shown during your ride with GPS
* Auto Pause: No need to manually stop & start activities during short breaks (with Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor) while tracking with your bicycle app
* Music: Create a playlist for your tours & activate Powersong to boost motivation!
* Wind & weather conditions available right in your bicycle app
* Detailed post-tour analysis incl. time rode uphill, downhill, flat, as well as graphs & training progress - it’s your personal cycling computer and is much more than a cycling distance tracker
* Open Street Map/Open Cycle Map Integration: Plan bike tours & discover new routes
* Share your cycle routes & ride with GPS on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and via email

* Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor
* Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth Low Energy)
* Runtastic Bike Case for Android Smartphones
* Runtastic Sports Armband

You can upload all your cycling workouts from your cycling distance tracker app to where they’re automatically added to your training log. Detailed information on your bike activities, comparisons with your friends, as well as further benefits help you stay motivated, improve your race times & reach your personal training goals. This app is your cycling computer!

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Runtastic Road Bike Cycling GPS Tracker APK reviews

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Vasilios Angelopoulos review Vasilios Angelopoulos
Recently i have been having a hard time connecting the speed and cadence.. It says connected but no cadence..i really like this app, use it inside and out..
Michael Pfeifer review Michael Pfeifer
Not as accurate as another speedometer app. Warped me at corners by rounding them off, which reduced my 1.37-mi test ride to 1.19-mi (a 13% error that I could unacceptable).
Giampaolo Frello review Giampaolo Frello
Terrible, login impossible
Sachin Mhatre review Sachin Mhatre
Just immediately uninstalled this app as its not showing complete Map of India. POK belongs to India.
Steven Ercolani review Steven Ercolani
I downloaded this because I purchased a Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor for my bike for the winter months when it's on the trainer. I'm not sure why Runtastic is taking the approach of creating a different app for every type of activity. All their apps can be consolidated into a single fitness tracking application. This app is missing many of the features the Runtastic Running app has such as Android Wear integration and Google Fit integration. It also doesn't sync activities to the Runtastic Running app where I store all my fitness tracking.
Jay Goldberg review Jay Goldberg
History now held hostage
I've really enjoyed the app despite the super clunky way ads are handled. Occasionally loses connection to server and have to restart to upload stats. Occasionally registers a 0 mi ride. But as of today's update, I can no longer access my ride history beyond one month in the free version. It has been a good few years, looks like I'm trading my ongoing ad revenue for the Pro version.
Ayoe Q review Ayoe Q
The app is actually good. But i don't know why,the distance-tracking doesn't work well. I've cycled more than 5km but the app told me that my distance was only 2km.
Purvi Kadel review Purvi Kadel
Awesome app.. but.. don't know if it's a glitch or what.. I keep changing the unit of distance to metric.. but then again when I open the app 'imperial' is what I see there :(
Dmitriy Bolotin review Dmitriy Bolotin
Does not go past initial screen
Khalil hayter review Khalil hayter
This app only allows you to enter DOB up to 1980 so if you are born in the 70's you can't put correct date of birth. Not linked to Strava or Ride with GPS to sync your rides
Randyy D. review Randyy D.
Tested it once
Pretty cool, in the basic version it lets you know some cool stats. Only thing I cant figure out is how to watch on google earth - I click the icon and it opens google earth, but theres no way to actually watch the run, but oh well.
A Google user review A Google user
Very nice app.
Nakatomi Uk review Nakatomi Uk
Good but I have my doubts
I started using this 2 days ago I. Signed up to in go upload my history to the main site and went well. After days 2 I seem to be getting more and more adds every time I want to do something. Just finished a short session to work as I wanted to map the distance via Google maps I came up to my work and went to stop it boom ads popped up which take whole screen. I would buy it but it's a yearly membership wish they just let you buy app with no ads for just basic mapping etc.
Samy Nedelchev review Samy Nedelchev
Very user friendly interface
I'm very happy with this app. Very easy to use, light on the battery, and what's most important - accurate.
Cody Packard review Cody Packard
Perfect for most applications
Some minor problems that may be do to my phone rather than the actual app but overall a perfect set up. Very easy to use and perfect app for keeping track of your rides.