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Transform your body in 12 weeks using only home fitness bodyweight training (no equipment!). Results is your ultimate bodyweight workout & strength training app to lose weight, build muscle, burn fat & boost endurance. Your customized 12-week bodyweight training plan is based on your fitness level .There are 180+ home exercises in the work out app so you’re daily workout is always fresh, fun & effective!

Ready for a sweaty bodyweight home workout without equipment with one of the best home fitness apps out there? BONUS: This work out app is available in 15 languages & includes a Health & Nutrition Guide. You can choose between 3-5 workouts per week (ideal for weight loss and building sleek & sexy muscle tone!). And, we’ll keep track of all your workouts, times & notes - the best home exercises for sure!

Looking for a quick & effective home workout without any equipment? Lack motivation to reach your health & fitness goals? The Results app tackles both excuses head on! Plus, How-to HD videos demonstrate proper exercise form to ensure you perform your home exercises correctly. This bodyweight fitness workout tracker is for everyone! With so many exercises, you’ll never get bored doing a home workout.

* Your customized plan: 12-week personalized bodyweight training plan. Each bodyweight workout is created based on your personal fitness level to get you the best results. You’ll love your daily workout - there’s no comparison to other workout apps.
* Support & motivation: Our community is full of millions of people all over the world, just like you, who want to stay active & in shape. We have tons of support to share! We’re all doing our home workout and getting in shape together using this work out app.
* Progress Pics: Take Progress Pics right in your app. Keep them private or share them with your friends. You could be the motivation somebody else needs to lose weight & change their life.
* Chromecast: Hello, home workout! Follow your bodyweight workout routines (from one of the top fitness apps!) right from your TV.
* Health & Nutrition Guide: Healthy nutrition you can stick to forever - no fad diets here! The perfect companion for your home fitness plan!
* 180+ HD exercise videos: How to properly & safely complete all the bodyweight home exercises in your training plan. We want you to train safe!
* Work out with your tablet: Yup, we’ve covered your tablet too!
* Standalone Workouts: More BONUS workouts you can do whenever & wherever!

** Premium Members have full access to all the features & the Training Plan in the Runtastic Results app. Of course, some things are free, including numerous Standalone Workouts such as Alpha, Charlie, Oscar & Whiskey (get a mix of free beginner workouts & advanced workouts!).

Download the exercise app for free now! You could be our next success story! Get ready for more energy, more confidence, more muscle, more weight loss and plenty of fresh workout routines and home exercises with the Runtastic Results app. If you think HIIT workouts & interval training are fun - you’re going to LOVE Runtastic Results exercise app. It’s the best home workout without equipment out there. Share your total-body transformation via Facebook, Google+ & Twitter.

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Runtastic Results Home Workouts & Personal Trainer APK reviews

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Jeni Vala review Jeni Vala
Love this app! My only complaint is that one of my favorite oblique exercises, heel touches, isn't one of their over 200 options. Sad face.
Mantresh Singh review Mantresh Singh
Funtastic Runtastic app. Helps me stay fit also when the air outside is hazardous in Delhi. Good job. Love the video exercises though!
Adriana Li review Adriana Li
Best exercise app I tried. It makes you up and going to reach your goals.
Leo 26 review Leo 26
Awesome app. It has all the body excerise based on the categories. It aims in building core muscle which is the essential part in training our body. If we strengthen that , we are good. Best one to use for everyone if we want to get in shape without going to gym.
Mohtashim Sadiq review Mohtashim Sadiq
Needs Samsung Health sync. Also, the app suggested me to do 4 rounds of exercises but I was only able to do 3 of them. But I can't stop the workout at that point if I do I'll have to start all over again. A little stupid don't you think that I can't end the workout when I want to?
Matthew Reynolds review Matthew Reynolds
Won't allow me to join or log in
Have gone through the join up process (using the form and facebook option) and then it says "check internet connection". I'm on both mobile data and wifi so not sure whats happening. I'm sure it's a great app, but if I can't use it, I may as well delete it.
Ramana Gottipati review Ramana Gottipati
I subscribed for trail period of 7 days. And if not satisfied we need to cancel the subscription in 7 days. I have opted to cancel my subscription, but there seems no action being taken. Not happy. I am afraid is one year fee will be deducted. And then they wud say that I have not responded in time.. cheap technique of business.
Firuzeh Mahmoudi review Firuzeh Mahmoudi
Getting there
Thanks for this. I am pretty athletic and just need a list of exercises and a guided way to customize my workouts. I want to customize the routine (with some structure) and the time. Kinda like the standalone but make my own. Will that come soon? Also cannot tell how long my first week's workouts are. Can I change the music to my Spotify music? Me like!
Ian Thompson review Ian Thompson
Perfect for the overworked traveling sales guy. I'm an ex-P90x guy, but the sales routine has me out-of-shape and unable to handle 45 minutes of extreme exercise. Glad to do this workout plan and happy it fits me well.
Raimondo Buehler review Raimondo Buehler
Does not encourage daily routine
This app requires you to wait 24 h between sessions. You cannot start on two consecutive days at the same time. So if you start at 7 am and excercise for 30 minutes, you have to wait util 7: 30 am next day. Would be better to limit next session not before 15 h
Shipra Sharma review Shipra Sharma
In start of app 7 days trial it is asking for payment option... How we can mention the payment option without knowing the app... We don't know whether this app will be useful or not. At least give us a trial without asking payment option. First impression of the app is bad. Uninstalled it.
Christian Johansen review Christian Johansen
Getting started painlessly (sort of)
The fitness test kicked my ass, and now the training program is about to start. As a beginner, getting started has always been the difficult part. This app paves the way to kick into gear fast. Very reasonably priced.
Careless Whisper review Careless Whisper
In the 12week program. After each day excersise I insist that you should obligate the trainees with the nutrition food, I had excersiced more than 15weeks , unfurtunally didn't stick to food plan, so my result have what targeted, In all , its amazing training app
Zach Whitmire review Zach Whitmire
Trial Run Review
Started using it on a whim today. Did the fitness test and I have to say that so far it seems very promising. I love the videos they attach with each workout. That really helped me get the form down. I know I have some improvement to do, but it definitely helped.
Sarath Chandra review Sarath Chandra
I have gone through a trail period for 7 days and it got subscribed automatically and money got deducted. Spoken to google customer care and they reversed the transaction and they cancelled my subscription and returned my money back. Now again my money have been deducted without any subscription. This is purely wrong on ur side.. Now google it says they subscription had been cancelled and they didn't send any request for money and suggested me to talk to my concern bank. So I spoke to my personal banking officer and they says they are not authorised to deduct any amount without google store rquest. Again I called up google people. They again suggested to talk to runstatic aap personal. Bt there is no contact number to discuss with them and now I dropped a mail and there is no response from you.. Pl respond to my transaction and kindly reverse the payment received by me.