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Enjoy your music library in a new way with the new Runtastic Music Player - providing convenience and fun for sports, workouts & more!

The Runtastic Music Player offers you easy music listening, an intuitive user interface and is the perfect complement for your Runtastic apps, including: Runtastic, Runtastic Road Bike, Runtastic Mountain Bike and Runtastic Six Pack. Combine your love of music with exercise now!


* Browse your music by genre, artist or album
* Personal charts: View and enjoy your favorite, top-played music for fitness activities
* Create playlists: Custom mixes for your workout, your next trip or just everyday listening
* Be your best: Only the Runtastic Music Player can guarantee smooth communication with your Runtastic apps for that extra boost of motivation during your workout
* Search for and select your favorite songs easily with the integrated search function
* Let the Runtastic Music Player surprise you with the convenient shuffle function

Get it now! The perfect music player for awesome workouts & attaining your goals with a plethora of Runtastic apps. With the right beats, you’re sure to “get in the zone” and take your fitness and everyday activities to the next level!

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Runtastic Music APK reviews

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Rhonda Zimmers review Rhonda Zimmers
3.8 stars...No Way!!! Should be lower!
I think the ratings are wrong. Looking through the comments 2-3 stars at best! First of all, there are no instructions to help get started. Secondly, there are no controls. When ppl figure out how to use it, there are a lot of complaints. I'm still figuring out how to load music!!!! Argh! I saw a suggestion to go to YouTube, then mp3 to download so that's what I'll try.
Borp Per Dorp review Borp Per Dorp
Barely functional
Runtastic used to integrate with much better players, but they seem to have disabled that functionality in order to force you to use this garbage. Can't specify which mp3s on your phone it should ignore; can't assign songs to playlists efficiently; scramble doesn't work. May switch running apps as a result
Alex x review Alex x
Adding all your music for use in other Runtastic apps is just not gonna happen. Why on earth can't the other Runtastic apps just make this shuffle all music? You're forced to choose a playlist and that's it. The way you make a playlist is by adding each song individually. You can't long tap on albums nor even select multiple songs. You'll be in for a lot of tapping and adding 3-4 albums is very cumbersome. There's a settings option but it only leads to "About" and "Rate us in the Google Play Store".
Joanne Dean review Joanne Dean
Doesn't work
Can't get it to work. Won't access music
Alexandr Fuksa review Alexandr Fuksa
Where are settings? Lags, at restart song I was playing goes to 0:00 and more.
A Google User review A Google User
Dumest app ever I only gave it one star because you couldn't but zero stars DONT GET IT ITS A WASTE OF TIME!!!!
Bill Ferguson review Bill Ferguson
Stuck on Recent and won't allow me to change, no matter what I try.
Ed Kaye review Ed Kaye
You take the trouble to build a playlist for your session and the player re-sorts it all into alphabetical order! Not to mention it's utterly random whether it works or not, unlike random play which isn't random at all, it too is alphabetical order. And why, if it's 'integrated' does it not start playing automatically after the countdown finishes when you've hit 'start activity'?
Chisom Oguibe review Chisom Oguibe
Room for improvement
I understand that this app does not really allow you to edit music within the app, but rather updates music that has been edited from outside it (I.e. from a standard music player). Since this is the case, could you try to integrate this with Spotify (similar to what you did with the runtastic running app) since I have all my workout songs saved there. I will give 5 stars if u can ?
A Google User review A Google User
Worst app
Kate Tay review Kate Tay
Good except. ...
It would be better if you made no gap beetetween the songs but other than that its all good
Bas Ravoo review Bas Ravoo
Useless for me
I don't have local music. Just Spotify. Soundcloud may also be a solution
Shailen Sobhee review Shailen Sobhee
Uses only locally stored music
I should be able to use Spotify here.
Danil Hardin review Danil Hardin
useless. doesn't see the music on sd card and the is no way to add folders manually
primitive > useless
Patrick Warren review Patrick Warren
Doesn't integrate with Google play Music
It's a no brainer