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Reddit: Top News, Trending Memes & Crypto Updates
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Reddit: Top News, Trending Memes & Crypto Updates APK reviews

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Misha Falk review Misha Falk
Only thing: would like to be able to pin a specific sub as home page.
Ryan McWiggles review Ryan McWiggles
The new update has introduced more problems. Now, randomly, some photos and videos refuse to load and I have to restart the app to get them to work. They're was nothing wrong with the previous version (the tap image to back out version), please change it back!
Vap3 K1d review Vap3 K1d
Pretty good app
I've used this app for a year now and I have to say that it works very well. The U.I. is user friendly, and I love the way that links preview images, videos and gifs before clicking on them, if you want to, allowing you to easily see content without having to click and tap your way through link after link, dragging you away from the main app. Some links are not like this, but not many. The only thing I do not like is the way they handled profiles, I don't like the layout and it feels cluttered to me.
Rob Dixon review Rob Dixon
This review will earn someone Gold.
So I was just in your future Sat 12,25,2049 checkin out my new SammyG 22 I got for HoliDay from my wife. Well right there on the package pod was a pic of my dad using a phone from this time, on this old but very cool version of the reddit app. It's pretty easy to use on this ancient cellular device my dad said I would never get to play with cos I tried to stick a PB&J sandwich in his PS4 so I could see it on tv. Well jokes on him cos 5yo me may not be able to, but 38yo time travelling me, can. So FU Dad.
Ali Kalantar review Ali Kalantar
On android it wont let me save pics to my camera roll. I gotta take a screenshot. Maybe im just simple minded though. Also you cant make flairs on the mobile app. Besides that the app is better than the desktop version in every way.
Tstormninja review Tstormninja
Kills my Phone
Lg 4, if I scroll about 15 posts down gifs will not load/play and if I keep scrolling my phone will freeze. This is the only app that does anything like this and I have no problems when using my browser to access Reddit
Frank Hill review Frank Hill
Mobile Freindly
Copies the desktop version, changing the font and available pictures of course to make for an easy read experience. Just about every image on here is ported to imgur, so be ready for a lot of redirects. Besides that it makes Reddit New user friendly. Which is both good and bad. Don't want another tumblr running a muk to the ages with nothing but guys duking it out in a romantic manner.
Has problems loading gifs after a while and have to reload the app to return to normal usage. Can't add flair to posts. Position of things feel swapped compared to desktop (Eg. votes are on right whereas desktop the votes are on left). Basically, it doesn't feel consistent compared to desktop.
Ashely review Ashely
User Friendly
Nothing much to say about the app itself, it's interface is easy to navigate and nothing is confusing. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that you can't save images directly from the app itself, you have to open the site in a browser to do so. That gets annoying, hopefully that gets patched in soon.
Alexandra Ramsey review Alexandra Ramsey
The Minecraft of the Internet
Seriously, reddit has and knows everything. Where to find the best streams, how to play PokemonGo, why is team Mystic the best, current global events, coding in c# and unity tutorials... Etc. Why use an app instead of a browser? Ask reddit! (JK, if you like reddit but your mobile browser quits frequently while browsing- this is your solution.)
Josh Kincer review Josh Kincer
People type letters next to each other. You stare at them and your brain interprets the meanings of each symbol in an amazingly complex arrangement which take on different meanings depending on the arrangement of the symbols. Your brain then associates those groupings of symbols into various ideas, in which an overarching theme typically emerges. You can then put your own symbols to communicate ideas about their ideas. It's a good time.
wadatae review wadatae
Multiple better apps.
In my opinion baconreader is the ideal app for reddit. After reddit forced users to use reddit uploads I had to make the switch as content was intentionally being blocked. Inferior in so many ways.
Lion Heart review Lion Heart
It needs a landscape mode for tablets, and the comments need to open next to the sub page like a tab system, it also needs a true black night mode, also a default collapse all child comments option, link handling in app.
Personal Dog review Personal Dog
"try again" "try again" "try again" with the stupid "cute" cat that looks like a 13 year old's tumblr icon to rub salt in the wound. Complete garbage, constant glitches, easily ghe most frustrating experience I have had with any app or website. I genuinely hope they go out of business, everytime I reinstall it to try again it somehow manages to annoy me into uninstalling in less than two minutes.
James Rudy review James Rudy
Great app that is a running first start.
There is one thing I wish it would add. That when you save a picture or file it asks you where you want to save it to. Very helpful if HD Wallpapers for example could go right into my wallpaper folder. It is less convenient to have them save on places that I'd like to keep specific to my camera.