Real Gangster Crime 2 APK

Real Gangster Crime 2
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Great new city.
Multiple profit tasks with cool rewards.
Explore the city and evolve as a great gangster.
Sand beaches, great architecture, one of the best tourist city is waiting for you to join the game. Meet the feuding fractions and select your own road.
Observe the great city from above using the helicopter.
Don’t ever turn your back on strangers and bandits. Don’t lay on cops support.
Only the great selection of weaponry will help you to survive in this dangerous

Real Gangster Crime 2 APK reviews

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Lynel Jaurigue review Lynel Jaurigue
Best created game!
This is very beautiful. The graphics is so great, the people, the character, the cars, the helicopter, and even the tank is made with creativity. Great job, Good Thoughts Affect. You really made it with your best. And in return, I shall give you 5 stars. You really deserve it.
Ibrahim Ch review Ibrahim Ch
Very very bad game ye sirf logo ka time waste karna chahty hai kasam se ye sirf drama hai
Mark Norman review Mark Norman
Horrible you can't even walk under or nearby trees, and their are to many people trying to kill you.
This game is actually really good at first i thought it was gonna suck but now that I've played it its actually pretty good
Anita Pathak review Anita Pathak
Very very very disgusting and a boring game. Warning to everyone do not download
Jaunita Jones review Jaunita Jones
It needs cars its needs a airport and better graphics and it glitches two much
It will be interested
juggernault71 review juggernault71
Games loads fine!!
OK developers let's. Talk. The concept is good. Challenges are is OK. But the fight action sucks...go up against a guy with a gun forget about it...unless you steal a tank. But good luck there too. He needs a bullet proof vest...better fighting skills and why not a knife since pressing the.gun icon does nothing. Come on guys get with it.
kali king review kali king
I hate dis game
It doesn't even play just open and closes so stupid do not download
Abd Rahim Che Yusoff review Abd Rahim Che Yusoff
I hate this games!!
I HATE THIS GAME!! I played this games because I think it is fun but open it and he say I can't playing the not download this games
Charena Augustin review Charena Augustin
It's horrible don't download this app it only take you back your homepage.
Bitla Navaneeth Reddy review Bitla Navaneeth Reddy
Its a very waste game
It always takes you back to your homepage it is only created for wastage
Dharmdev Jebaliya review Dharmdev Jebaliya
Udjusj8sisji धडडजःबछृह नभनबधबझृबभझ खगेन्द्र थापामगर छ, जुन दिन र रात र रातलाई, तर आज म त छक्क परेर ज्यान जोगाउन, नेपाल पत्रकार सम्मेलन, नेपाल र भारत, बंगलादेश प्रस्थान, नेपाल र भारतबीच र संविधान लेखन र निर्देशन दिए र अन्य राजनीतिक र संवैधानिक संकट
Pankaj Verma review Pankaj Verma
IT'S a very good game never let you bore The one who says it bad will be a ideat
Luke Oladejo review Luke Oladejo
This game is damn stupid plz guyz dnt even give it a try