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Rediscover farming adventure in the new Green Farm! After inheriting an old manor from your uncle, you must complete a series of missions to restore it to glory! Of course, you also have to manage your farm with the help of friends and neighbors to become the most famous farmer of all!

With a fresh new atmosphere, easier controls, and a rich storyline with new characters to meet and play with, this game offers many new ways to experience the joy of farming!

- Rediscover farming adventure in the new Green Farm!

- Take on the challenging task of restoring a manor with the help of friends and neighbors!

- Complete many missions full of farming, harvesting, crafting, and more.

- Being social will help you grow! Friends will help you reach your goals. So be friendly!

- Easier controls make managing your farm effectively simpler and more fun!

- Enjoy a fresh new world with more colorful environments and cooler characters to meet.

All this available on smartphones and tablets!


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This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app.

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Green Farm 3 APK reviews

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dzaki alfaro review dzaki alfaro
The time
please remove the time at sales desk .. or accelerated time .. If you fix it, i will give you five stars.. Thx
World Trekkrr review World Trekkrr
Game is unlike any other farming game i have.Just like it said in the description.Though wish to have more updates.
Summer Storm review Summer Storm
update! !
like so many others recently I've lost my farm after visiting friends. not restarting again. what the hell devs. fix the bugs that matter!
Eleanor Reese review Eleanor Reese
Love this game but keep losing my farm and all my hard work is wasted i have redownloaded 5X already i hope i can play still the end this time
sandip patel review sandip patel
Can't open game offline
I like to play this game but when I try to play this game offline that time show my account is band and cannot open game and when I try to contact customer care that ask for ticket id and I didn't my that I'd so now what I do please reply
Kym Knudsen review Kym Knudsen
This game is super fun.. Runs Smoothly.. Reinstalled on new phone, it's that fun.
Ella Regal review Ella Regal
Oh God I want my money back!
I was on level 20, with 499 cash that I BOUGHT and suddenly I leave the game and come back to see I'm at LEVEL 1! LEVEL 1! I WANT MY MONEY BACK GREEN FARM
Clems ps review Clems ps
Gone farm !
I reached level 50, I was in my "friends" gardens and suddenly my farm was gone ! Completely gone! Please fixed your bugs!
P. Smith review P. Smith
Too hard to expand
I have been ready to expand for the second time for about a week. It won't let me. There's not enough storage to accomplish anything. This app, while fun, will be deleted soon.
Dam it
The animals and manor is nt inleve19 whenwe go to complete it so stop this and solve my problem.Otherwise i will uninstall this game nowwwwwww the time is start .and iam give you only one day your time is finished
Lourdes Alvarez review Lourdes Alvarez
Really Disappointed!!!???
3x install &uninstall,but same after level 30,the whole farm become a bubble all your things,plants,animals disappear,,oh my god!!!
raja adeel ahmed review raja adeel ahmed
I love this game soooo much but when I go to level 29 or above 20 suddenly everything becomes disappear why this happens to me please tell me this is requested to the maker of the game please answer me
Dae Liin review Dae Liin
Mixed review
I used to have this app on a older phone, and I was so addicted to it. I was 31and the game was more about the actual farm. I could even buy extra cooking slots with farm money. Now I am forced to use real money. For me that's a downer. This renewed version is all about getting money
Cornal Rhone review Cornal Rhone
OK for me
It us kinda laggy but other than that I wish I could unlock food or feed with money
Ranjit Jasara review Ranjit Jasara
Superbbbbbb creation
i really like to spend time in a green farm..This game give me a real enjoyment and i feeling like i am really in a farm...THANK YOU Gameloft