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Astro is the best file manager and memory cleaner app to make the most out of your internal and external storage and boost phone memory. Every day, hundred thousands of people use this handy file organizer to move, copy, delete, backup files and clean their phone.
Astro has all the top-rated file organizer features.

With this award-winning file browser, you can backup files to SD card to free up space, it also allows you to compress files to save even more space.

Enjoy the best way to manage files, clean phone and free up space. File Browser by Astro saves your time on a daily basis.


File manager : Move, copy, rename, share, compress and delete files on internal storage, SD card and cloud space.

SD Card Manager : Move files easily between your internal storage and SD card. Thousands of Astro users leverage their storage to its fullest with these memory cleaner features.
Cloud Manager : Manage your cloud space and backup photos to cloud easily. Free up more space and speed up phone in seconds.

Compress files : Convert files to WinZip and WinRAR formats. Enjoy saving memory space and sharing files with less data. You can reopen the compressed files anytime via the built-in zip file opener and rar extractor.

Manage Apps : Easily backup apps to SD card with this backup assistant. Get your apps back even after a factory reset. Delete and uninstall multiple apps within seconds with this memory cleaner.


Handle all your internal and external content with Astro’s file browser features. This file explorer app helps you access all your files within few taps and clean phone memory easily.

File Browser : Find all of your files or view them by category from the home screen : images, videos, music, apps, downloads, favorites and recent folders. This file explorer helps you to reach all your files within few taps.

Sort and Categorize Files : Have fast access to all of your files on internal and external memory space. Manage your folders effectively with this handy file organizer.

Backup Photos and Files : Move, copy and backup files to SD card or to cloud space. Clean phone easily and never lose your files again with this file explorer app.

Extract Files : Open Zip and RAR files with the built-in zip file opener and rar extractor. These top-rated file organizer features let you compress and decompress files conveniently.

Media player : Open photos, images; play music and videos the built-in media player. You can also sort, categorize and rename all your media files via Astro’s file organizer features.

File Browser by Astro (File Manager) assists you to clean phone memory and organize your files all the time. By default this file explorer app allows you to manage all your files in your internal disk, SD card or cloud storage. Astro also acts as a zip file opener and rar extractor, giving you easy access to WinZip and WinRAR files.


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File Browser by Astro (File Manager) APK reviews

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Opens browser to scammer websites
Annoying ads are one thing but opening the browser to take you to some fishing website is a NO NO., Very disappointing :(
A Google User review A Google User
Local network access doesn't work anymore
jim hendian review jim hendian
Update 9/18
Extremly disappointed, this app used to be one of the best Android file managers on the net. The app now plagued with pop ups, some of them take you to sites that are infected! Sad.. * 9/18__ , problem seems to be solved ..
Full Supported!
But Why you are Top Developer! The Design and Application Interface are too old not smooth and attractive. So please update this and make more interactive to supports with Lollipop.
Cesar Yabor review Cesar Yabor
Excellent file manager. Just needs a couple of cloud service additions -- Amazon Cloud, and Mega -- and it will be 5-star GOLD.
Saurav Thakur review Saurav Thakur
Easy and nice functions
Nice work and cool options
Shah Mohammad Arhum review Shah Mohammad Arhum
One of the best file managers in the market!
Wesley Crank review Wesley Crank
I love to add mods to minecraft guilty is charged but it runs great and very well done i like that you reply to these comments most apps dont do that so thank you.
M O'Connor review M O'Connor buggy
found it quirky in simple left pane navigation on tablet android 4.4.2. selected drawer doesn't highlight, must hit it again to make it highlight, yet the selected function works on first select. under locations tab. Verizon Ellipsis 8 tablet.
The Quiet Hunter review The Quiet Hunter
Works great, good luck with the future
I know that the pop ups aren't normal and I hope that you can get them fixed soon, but if you have multiple internet browsers it will have trouble redirecting you. Good luck.
Dominique Gomez review Dominique Gomez
Why can't I find it?
I got this app so I could download ROMs. I've looked every where for the file manager and to go to preferences to "enable browser downloader" and nothing! I've tried everything! Please help!
Luke Forrester review Luke Forrester
Great For What it Is
It is a really great app which is particularly good because it compiles all the files from your different online accounts in one place. This app also makes it easier to find specific things and copy/paste files. The only thing is though, why would you even need an app like this on your phone? Couldn't you just use your computer? Do you honestly need a file manager and document access for your cell? I don't think so. Just my opinion.
Ralph Williamson review Ralph Williamson
Spams me evrytime
Every time I open the app, it launches chrome with an annoying vibrating add for virus warning that won't stop until I kill it. Uninstall...
Joshua Blackshire review Joshua Blackshire
Good app overall
Good app overall but also have been affected by popups that try to con you into installing malware...just recently started so hopefully it's resolved soon since I see they're working on it!
박지혁 review 박지혁
Please update an icon. Other than that, its one of the best utility out there. Pleas update an icon. OS is running toward Android M, but this app looks like freakin Gingerbread.