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Faladdin - Magic Fortune
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Faladdin Offers The Best Fortune Telling Around The Globe, In 128 Countries.
Experience the best, the fastest fortune telling service totally for free!
You won't need any other fortune telling app, because you have not met the best yet.

Why Faladdin?
Your reading, your decisions, your fate. Faladdin offers you a unique reading.
Faladdin also takes your Horoscope in notice, and gives a you reading shaped around your Horoscope as well.

Faladdin is intelligent. he will let you know about the upcoming Full Moons, and Astrological Events.

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Falladin, not Fallaadin or Falaaddin, Faladdin - Magic Fortune

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Ece Küçük review Ece Küçük
Guncellemeyle beraber reklam izledikten sonra bakiyede artis olmamaya basladi.
Dilara Cebi review Dilara Cebi
Cok guzel bir program fallari cok uzun yorumluyor
Bilge Arayıcı review Bilge Arayıcı
Tamam güzel uygulama ama neden bu kadar uzun sürüyor falın gelmesi? 50 dakikadır bekliyorum.
Bugun fala yorumu 3 saat oldu ama hala gelmedi?
Nicer Username review Nicer Username
Para verip baktirdigim yer ne soylediyse aynisi.
Erol Çalışkan review Erol Çalışkan
Gerçekten güzel ve iç açıcı bir uygulama
berke can review berke can
Thank youuu
Işık Tansu review Işık Tansu
Queen of Swords review Queen of Swords
I give it 4 stars because its on point with my current situation. But the future ones, still will see if it comes true. Lastly because I had told my sister to download it and try it herself and we noticed that it had said something very familiar, exactly the same reading. But we'll shall see. Overall it gets addicting cause some of the accuracy. It is worth downloading it ??
Colleen Klinefelter review Colleen Klinefelter
Still new to app so we'll see how it goes
I thought it was pretty accurate.
Hanan C review Hanan C
It was good but it stopped working. Can't access my readings.
Ticky Nevels review Ticky Nevels
I love this app you got so many details correct about me I can't wait till you read more
Hamerah Oketunde review Hamerah Oketunde
This app is amazing, the free reading is amazing too. Resonated :)