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? Favorite: best calendar apps for Android – The Next Web
? DigiCal is a smart calendar app for Android that is packed full of features - Android Headlines
? DigiCal is one of the most flexible, customizable calendars – Lifehacker
Upgrade to DigiCal+ and unlock more powerful functions and customization options!
? DigiCal+ features:
- 2 extra widgets: month widget and month calendar widget
- Year view with heat map for spotting free and busy period
- Unlock new customization options for the calendar widgets and calendar views
- 7 extra widget themes
- 42 theme colors
- Custom snooze option
- No ads
Organize your busy schedule using the day, week, agenda, month, text month, list and year views
9 beautiful pre-set widget themes available for the list, grid, day, day list, text month and month widgets
Access to more than 560k+ public holiday, sports and TV calendars worldwide
Shows detailed weather info: temperature, humidity, precipitation, pressure, cloud cover, wind, sunrise and sunset
Improve visibility at night and save energy
Color synchronization with Google Calendar
Faster address entry with Google Places Autocomplete
? Calendar notifications with snooze, maps and navigation
? Local calendar for extra privacy, no calendar syncing required
? Combined date & time picker for faster scheduling
? Manage invitations with RSVP and reply to organizer and guests
✈ Plan your appointments in both local and foreign time zone
? Event image matching in 27 languages
- Detailed hourly weather forecast for the next 48 hours, and 3 hourly for the next 15 days
- Interactive temperature and precipitation graph
- Manage and save your favorite weather locations
Tutorial: http://digibites.zendesk.com/hc
Need help? http://digibites.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Website: http://www.digibites.nl/digical
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/digicalcalendar/
Google+: http://plus.google.com/u/2/107881916502426460581
Beta Channel: http://plus.google.com/u/2/communities/111353661957002476497
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DigicalCalendar

DigiCal+ Calendar APK reviews

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XV Montague review XV Montague
Would love to give this app 5 stars but I have been waiting 2 years for an update to change the snooze time! Will look for another app. UPDATE: Business Calendar 2 allows user to adjust snooze time. BTW, Digi does provide EXCELLENT customer support.
Jozef Očkay review Jozef Očkay
Best calendar design out there but using it is harder and harder. Restless "What's new" dialogs bothering you all the time, always enabling Google Birthdays Calendar even though you set it not to sync again and again, not respecting "Always use this" option, asking again and again what app should open the event, settings icon permanently visible in the widget even if turned off in the Settings, wtf?! :-/
Christopher Dennis review Christopher Dennis
Makes life MUCH easier syncing multiple calendars whose devs undermine each other at the user's expense (i.e., Google Calendar and Outlook on exchange). Whole calendar widget works well - however, even on a galaxy note, wish more appointments per day were visible on this feature.
Julie Hancock review Julie Hancock
Poor poor form. Totally insulted.
Bought app 26/12/14 Got new tablet early 03/15 my other 1 died late Feb. I tried to reinstall but got constant `error 24` message. At yr suggestion tried uninstall digical then reinstall both digical & +. Didn't work. Shut down tablet, tried again. Still error 24. have tried to download intermittently over past 4mths Still `error 24' NOW another lengthy & charming message saying 'this user is denied access, using app illegally. Do not allow access.' Then tell me to prove purchase FIX OR REFUND IMMEDIATELY
Mark Dodge review Mark Dodge
All gone.
I don't know what happened, all of my calendar events are gone. App is useless now, right? Other calendar app works fine, and I didn't have to pay for it.
Andrew Barre review Andrew Barre
Was ok until I lost e'thing
I upgraded to + (paid twice as it didn't work after I paid the first time months ago). After upgrade today suddenly all my calendar events are GONE it seems, not happy Jan!! Have loved this app for years before these issues.
Brian Petow review Brian Petow
Rolling 4 week view?
Glad to hear material updates are coming. Any chance of developing a 4 week rolling view like Google allows? So on April 20th I'm not looking at all of April, but my upcoming 4 weeks instead
Krys Aurora review Krys Aurora
Problem with repeat
For some reason when I try to do an event that happens every week or says that it is saved but it doesn't actually save anything. It let's me do single event but not repeated events, which I need. Please fix. This is a new issue.
Kirsten Vanderspek review Kirsten Vanderspek
Beautiful, intuitive calendar
Since I can't resize widgets, I'd love to see a 4x3 and a 4x1 widget as well. Edit: I found the option that enables all widgets! Now this is perfect, thank you.
Roy Blumenthal review Roy Blumenthal
Excellent calendar. Better than native GCal.
I love the copy & paste function. I love the address lookup. The one thing it seems to lack is the ability to email invites to participants. Regardless, this is a five star app. (I discovered it as a featured app on Android Police.) [EDIT:] The developers are awesome communicators. I had some esoteric fault that baffled me. The devs analysed my fault report logs, and eventually worked out what was happening... I use Xposed Framework, and a module called "Force Fast Scroll" was clashing with DigiCal. Bravo!
Megan Michele review Megan Michele
I love this calendar!
Let me start by, it is a rare occasion that I spend money on an app like this. I went through and tried out a few free ones, including the free version of this. I liked it an wanted more options, so I paid! I love that I can change a LOT of options in here...the only problem I have had is that I can not edit ONE event if the event was put in as a series. I would love the option to do that!
Nicholas Freedman review Nicholas Freedman
STILL has licensing problems. Digical never recognizes that Digical+ is installed. Emails to dev go ignored. Never once did I get to use the paid features. Asked devs for a refund two years ago; denied! They blamed Google policies despite the fact that none of my many other paid apps have similar issues. Check the other reviews; I'm not the only one who paid and didn't receive.
Johnnie Jones review Johnnie Jones
Great Calendar Program
The Android calendar on my Moto E and my Nexus 7 were okay but very limited. This app is what a calendar should be like and how it should work.
daisy mcphaze review daisy mcphaze
The best calendar I've found
The widgets are amazing and the interface is customisable. Great use of the right fonts, good use of screen real estate. 4 stars only cos it's pretty expensive.
Bogdan Mocanu review Bogdan Mocanu
Excellent calendar!
Has the 7-days agenda widget, which I love and use as the main widget on my homescreen. One request, if I may: when showing events and their times, do not show the time/day for full day events. It is just superfluous information, since the event is already showing on that respective day. Show the event times text only when the event has a custom location or a time interval. Thanks!