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This is the Free Version of Business Calendar: an all-round, complete calendar app for highest standards, customizable and with perfect Google sync.

★ "Our favorite calendar app on Android, due to its flexibility and ease of use." - Lifehacker 01/2014 ★
★ "One of the best Calendar Apps for 2014" - FastCompany ★

▪ Quick Day View: For a fast overview to all events of the day
▪ Favorite Bar: For direct access to all your calendars
▪ Smooth Scroll and Zoom: For better, intuitive interaction

● graphical and textual presentation
● scroll- and zoomable multi-day view (1-14 days)
● month, agenda, day and event view
● color-coded year view
● search function
● configurable widgets in different sizes for month, week, agenda and day view
● easy switching between timeline bars and event titles in month view
● intuitive handling: just move your finger over some days of interest in month view to open them in the multi-day view
● many options for recurrent events (e.g. an event that takes place every other week on Tuesday and Thursday)
● birthday calendar
● context-sensitive help system to optimize your workflow 

This free version is ad-supported, but still fully functional. If you’re a heavy calendar user, we believe the best solution for you is the Pro Version: without ads, with more useful features, like:

+ Manage Contacts: Link your events and appointments with your contacts
+ Customizable Templates: Create your own templates for new events
+ Multi-Select: For deleting, moving, or copying multiple events
+ Import & Export: Quickly import all your calendars, export them in .ics format
+ Drag’n’drop: Move and copy events easily in the multi-day view
+ Tasks Add-On: Use the integrated task-management tool for syncing with Google Tasks & Toodledo
+ App Theming: Light and dark theme for the app
+ Advanced Widgets: Set colors, font sizes and calendars

Business Calendar APK reviews

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Gill Neuper review Gill Neuper
I have used this app for 4 years now and recommended it to many but can no longer trust it.... Something wrong with sync and the app removing appointments since August. I have a Galaxy Note 3 as well as a Galaxy 8 Notepad. Some appointments still appear on the Galaxy Notepad 8 but not on my cell phone Galaxy 3. I use both items a lot and they need to be perfectly synchronised. I would rate this 5 but unfortunately need to find something more reliable....I would not like to change though.
Amy Beazley review Amy Beazley
Keeps giving me a black screen
I actually love this app and have used it for a couple of years. In the past month or so it will only have a solid black screen when i try to open it. Doesn't matter if i open it from a link on my home screen or in my apps. I have done all the updates. I restart my phone and it still gives me the black screen. Soooo inconvenient. I think I'll be getting a different calendar app unless they fix it soon. *Update* still giving me a black screen. Becoming more frequent. I'm finding a new app.
Kellie Deann review Kellie Deann
Where do my appointments go?
I've had numerous appointments disappear on my calendar and I have no idea where they went. I use this app exclusively for all my appointments, all my accounts are logged in and synced but still missing my appointments. I know of at least 3 days that are not showing that I have appointments when I know they were there a few days ago. What is going on?
Robert Bridges review Robert Bridges
This one I'd like to rate 4.5
I just tried to change the alarms for one instance of a weekly event without changing all the others — and Business Calendar accepted it! I gotta admit, I'm very happy with this app. I almost never upgrade, but I'm going to have to seriously think about this one.
Yuma van Eekelen review Yuma van Eekelen
Used to be fantastic
Since a month or so, I don't get notifications of my appointments anymore. Where it worked great before, now I've already missed several appointments! I didn't do any (system)update nor have I changed any relevant setting. It just stopped working. Is this to force me to upgrade to BC2? That would be filthy.
buzz lightyear review buzz lightyear
Notification tone stopped
This calendar app is the best and have installed it on all my new phones over the years. Yesterday each calendar reminder is without the tone and I can't find within the app where to reselect. I have an xperia 3 compact with latest version of Android (6). Can anyone help. Thanks
Lena-Jane Walls review Lena-Jane Walls
Notification not working
I no longer get any notifications about appointments windings a real pain as have now missed some really important and expensive appointments that I still get charged for. Was absolutely perfect when I got notifications
Leslie Hamlin review Leslie Hamlin
What happened to MILITARY TIME? no longer an option after last update. Please fix! Also, doesn't recognize tap on touchscreen when trying to enter a new entry or edit old one.
Otherwise, 5 stars.
A Google User review A Google User
All my events disappeared in phone
Suddenly all my events disappeared. Previously backed up to Google. Checked backup and they're still there. But cannot synchronise to phone. What's happening???
jayisoldem56 review jayisoldem56
Best Calendar App by far
I thought that they were not supporting this app anymore because there is business calendar 2 but low and behold they sent an update God bless you all
Joe Mangan review Joe Mangan
Got this app because of its ability for multiple reminders but the reminders don't work at all!!! Useless!!!
addy loo review addy loo
Why suddenly all the Google event disappear. No more "ompatible for Google calendar?
A Google User review A Google User
Love it
So far it's just what I want no problems. I have it on all my devices.
Fixed the crash navigation issue! Yeah!
Awesome guys that was fast! Thanks so much for the last update
Cracor1 review Cracor1
Great app... but...
Having problems with not being able to open daily view to edit entries. Frustrating and it happens randomly. Otherwise would rate it 5 stars!