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Business Calendar 2 is the successor of our award-winning calendar app.

Feature Overview:
▪ event planner and task management
▪ month, week and day view
▪ agenda with live search
▪ year view
▪ uses Android calendar sync which allows synchronization e.g. with Google Calendar and Exchange
▪ support for local calendars and tasks
▪ holidays calendar
▪ birthdays of your contacts
▪ voice input option
▪ advanced event reminders
▪ month, week, day, agenda, icon and tasks widget

▪ intuitive navigation with simple swipes between month, week and day
▪ choose between text and bars in month view
▪ quick glance on the event details in the popup directly from month view
▪ freely scroll- and zoomable multi-day view (1-14 days)
▪ quickly show and hide calendars with the favorite bar
▪ integrated task organizer which syncs with Google Tasks
▪ powerful voice input feature to quickly add events, tasks and birthdays without any typing
▪ customizable notifications with direct actions (e.g. snooze reminder, show map, write email to attendees)
▪ create meeting invites and handle meeting invitations easily
▪ support for conference call numbers with access codes
▪ heat map in year view (e.g. to find free days)
▪ easily add holidays for 58 countries and many regions
▪ dedicated birthday view
▪ optional ongoing notification with event countdown
▪ share your events and tasks
▪ flexible recurrences
▪ no ads

▪ customizable calendar and event colors
▪ lots of settings to optimize the appearance and functionality of your widgets, events, tasks and reminders
▪ adapt different views (day, week, month, year, agenda, tasks) to your personal needs
▪ use pre-set widget themes or customize your widgets down to the very last detail.
▪ live preview for all calendar widgets

▪ add one of over 600 emoticons to your event (Emoji artwork provided free by EmojiOne:

Get Help:
▪ build-in help system
▪ quickly search our knowledge base if any questions arise

Business Calendar 2 is free and offers you a lot of features in its basic version. Additionally, you can get even more user-friendly features by upgrading directly from within the app. Users of the old Business Calendar Pro can access the pro features of Business Calendar 2 for free as long as the old app is installed.

Additional Pro Features:
▪ integrated weather report in day view
▪ easily move and copy events using drag&drop in multi-day view
▪ event history, title & location auto-completion
▪ link contacts to your appointments
▪ easily create templates for new events
▪ delete, move or copy multiple events at once using multi-selection
▪ advanced options for reminders (e.g. repeating alarms and individual ringtones for different calendars)
▪ extended task features (e.g repeated tasks, subtasks and priorities)
▪ automatically create a to-do for missed calls
▪ 22 beautiful themes for the app (e.g. dark theme)
▪ more widget themes / advanced customization options for all widgets
▪ new widget "Day Pro" showing everything that matters in one view
▪ individually configurable font sizes
▪ import and export calendar data (.ics, .ical)

Business Calendar is developed by a small, dedicated team in Berlin. We’re completely self-sustained to ensure stable and steady development cycles for you. Please consider supporting us by upgrading our calendar app and get more professional features right from within the app.


Join our BC 2 community and try out our beta versions with the latest new features earlier than others.

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Business Calendar 2 APK reviews

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Jeni K review Jeni K
Battery drain
Keeps restarting and is the highest battery user on my phone.
Črt Korinšek review Črt Korinšek
Best calendar app
It was brilliant as BC1 but got even better with BC2.
Yaro K review Yaro K
Please add a way to create templates without creating a new event. I want to create a blank template from scratch
Chip Wiegand review Chip Wiegand
This has the same issue the default calendar app has - you cannot delete one event from a recurring series of events. Why?????? My very old BB does that! Come on, this is the 21st century!
Kathy Busbani review Kathy Busbani
Best planner/task app! I've tried them problems with app and easy to use...
Geoffrey Peckham review Geoffrey Peckham
Reinstalled on Asus tablet
Problem solved have realised what is wrong. Thank you. Good app
Paul Dhillon review Paul Dhillon
Can't get my outlook calendar into this
Manu Singh review Manu Singh
I have only used this for a few days now - but wow, the UI, functionality is unreal. Amazing App - keep up the great work!!!! Thank you
Ivan Katlianik review Ivan Katlianik
Having tried lots of calendars, have found naught better. Wish you all the luck and hope for some new UI improvements.
Nina L review Nina L
Good and bad
Good: nice layout. Bad: Keeps deleting appointments/events - defeating the point of a calendar app to keep track of appointments! ---- Edit: Thank you for responding.Problems below are inconsistant. Events are added to business calendar, save successfully, appear on the calendar for a short while, then disappear (presumably when sync with Google calendar). Also, when items added to Google calendar, they don't appear in bus cal after sync. I won't continue using bus. Cal after 4th lost event. Deleted.
Imran Sheikh review Imran Sheikh
Not reliable DO NOT INSTALL
Events don't save. After a couple of days events get deleted. Developers don't care.
Kurt B review Kurt B
Still needs work
Using the dark theme and ALL popups are bright WHITE- seriously?!! If I want a dark theme, it needs to be dark EVERYWHERE in the app- it's common sense- at least it should be. There needs to be an option for event reminder date entry to be exact date and time instead of 67 hours (or whatever) in the future which is ridiculous. Requested this on the original BC years ago (never was implemented) and voted for it in this version- STILL nothing done about it.
anita hadley review anita hadley
Drag. And drop TASKS
I like the old business calendar very much. In the new business calendar I would like to be able to reorder tasks by drag and drop ,not just move from one day to the next. Also please add Toodledoo sync!
Benjamin Capill review Benjamin Capill
Great app, minor issue
Great app - clear, intuitive, and lets me see the whole week on one screen. Would rate 5 stars if the calendar did not get stuck on yesterday and fail to update overnight.
Nic Nic review Nic Nic
Developer is cheater and liar. I have BC Pro bougth for many years, but still i cant get BC2 Pro features working. It still requires new purchase!