Aviary Effects: Toy Camera APK

Aviary Effects: Toy Camera
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This effects pack is a plugin that only works inside Photo Editor by Aviary and select third-party apps that use Aviary's Photo Editor.

You can download Photo Editor by Aviary here for FREE: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aviary.android.feather&hl=en


Add beautiful light leaks, colors, and distortions with this artistic pack of toy lens effects.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Aviary Effects: Toy Camera APK reviews

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Melissa Farmer review Melissa Farmer
Not what I expected at all. Took over a week to finally install, I honestly forgot about it till I received a notification saying it installed. This effect isn't as cool as most the other ones.
A Google user review A Google user
These filters are not fun. They warp the pictures and they pretty much are all the same just have different names. I love Aviary, just not this set of add ons.
lisa dixon review lisa dixon
Doesnt work and cannot update and its the one I was looking most forward to using... im not gonna uninstall it yet cause I'm hoping you can fix it
Chinaka Pierre review Chinaka Pierre
I need assistance because this actually never opened on my phone even though everything seems to be installed. Did you just take my money? :/
Elizabeth Bagby review Elizabeth Bagby
I bought the plugin and it uninstalled when Aviary updated its version. Instructed to go back to Play Store and reinstall for free. It made me pay AGAIN. Forget it. Since y'all fouled it up, y'all can fix it yourselves. I will not be making anymore purchases or recommendations until then.
Katie Peckman review Katie Peckman
Never downloaded to my program, really peeved that I spent my money on nothing! I want my money back for sure!
Denise Law review Denise Law
Be care. I paid for this. It sais it was installed but it didnt! In other words l was ripped off!
Ianna Francine review Ianna Francine
Terrible effects and almost all look the same. The way they change the images are uncreative and unattractive.
Tim Harman review Tim Harman
A bit more expensive than the other packs, but still some quality effects here.
Naomi S review Naomi S
Does not work and not happy it was the mist expensive of the lot, would love a refund!!!!!!
Frances Zuniga review Frances Zuniga
So cant update cant use the toy camera lens.....how can i get a refund....
ONI_Ghost review ONI_Ghost
Not the most comprehensive list of filters should be a lot more for 2$ don't waste your money
Zarina Begum review Zarina Begum
Not bad for its effects and syncs well with other apps
Ashley H review Ashley H
Worse filter ever
chase berry review chase berry
Trippy filter!!